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Welcome to Valley Green Veterinary Hospital - Your Veterinarian in Etters, PA

Dr. Hartman and his staff would like you to know our primary goal is to provide care and compassion and to limit any stress to your pets when you visit us. While you are waiting for an experienced staff member to help you let us share some of our services with you.

Services Provided

We provide preventative health care and complete physical exams to assess your pet’s health. All our surgical procedures including dentistry are screened with pre-operative bloodwork. We offer soft tissue surgery exclusively by laser technology including spay and neutering. Anesthesia with up to date monitoring to assure your pets health.

  • Dental Health - In addition to ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth we assess your pets overall dental health and perform extractions and some oral surgery when needed.
  • In house diagnostic laboratory testing - These results are provided during your appointment. We provide diagnostic imaging such as radiographs and ultrasound.
  • Therapeutic Treatment - We also provide other therapeutics such as cold laser treatment for arthritis, disc disease, chronic pain, healing wounds and other uses.

Our service to your pet is personal, and we aim to minimize stress during your pet’s visit.

  • We see cats and dogs
  • Exams, wellness, sick, second opinions
  • Diagnostics, full in house idexx laboratory
  • Surgery, spay, neuter, General soft tissue
  • Cold laser Therapy
  • Dental cleaning and polishing
  • Pet microchip
  • Digital X-rays
  • Preventative Health care with Geriatric
  • In-house full pharmacy
  • Food and Prescription refills
  • Online pharmacy

How We Can Serve You

At Valley Green Veterinary Hospital, we strive to maintain your pet’s health year-round. As your Harrisburg and Etters, PA provider, our veterinarian services put your family, and the community at whole, first. By checking up on your pet during annual visits, we can easily target problem areas which need treatment.

By working together, the team can eliminate threats immediately, reducing the chance of future problems. We’ve helped in many situations, including rat poison ingestion, chocolate ingestion and car injuries. If your pet is having an emergency, contact us immediately. We understand how money can create issues. Valley Green Veterinary Hospital offers discounted services to our customers, giving them the support they need. We assist first responders and active military members, and we intend to answer the call to action with immediate care.

Get In Touch With Our Local Veterinarian Today

Please, call us with more information at (717) 938-8944. Our hands-on care prioritizes your pet. From first visit to return check-ups, Valley Green Veterinary Hospital has your animal’s best interests in mind. We love our Pennsylvania residents, and we want to give back to the families we’ve come to consider our own.

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