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Our Veterinary Services in Harrisburg and Etters, PA

At Valley Green Veterinary Hospital, your pets and their needs matter as much as our own furry family members. When you bring your dog, cat, rabbit, or other small pet into our clinic, we give them the one-on-one attention they deserve, including gentle, hands-on care and comprehensive diagnostics. Our veterinary team is proud to take care of all our patients’ veterinary needs, from preventative care and wellness exams to surgical treatment for different injuries and diseases. Today, we offer the following services at our state-of-the-art hospital in Etters, PA:

Our Veterinary Services in Harrisburg and Etters, PA

Spaying and Neutering

We recommend spaying or neutering for all our patients, because these routine procedures prevent unwanted litters and help your pets avoid many health and behavioral problems. If your dog or cat is still intact, consider a spay or neuter procedure to reduce their future health risks (including some cancers) and prevent unwanted habits like fighting and spraying.

Annual Pet Visits

Yearly wellness exams are an important part of every pet’s wellness regimen, no matter what their age or health care needs. Schedule your pet’s yearly visit today to make sure we’re on top of their current condition and can respond to any changes immediately.

Soft Tissue Surgery by Laser

Our veterinary team takes advantage of the latest surgical technology to make our surgeries as safe and effective as possible. That’s why our animal hospital has laser surgery that minimize bleeding and reducing complications. 

Full In-House Laboratory

The sooner we get an accurate diagnosis, the quicker we can begin treatment. Accurate and prompt diagnostics are an important part of every pet’s wellness regimen, so we’re proud to perform tests right here in our full in-house laboratory.

Anesthesia with State-of-the-Art Monitoring

During surgical procedures that require anesthesia, our veterinary team performs constant, close monitoring of all vital signs. We also gradually administer all sedatives and anesthesia, in order to make sure we get the dosage exactly right for your pet’s needs.

Pet Dentistry

Dental care is just as important for pets, because oral diseases and injuries can have consequences throughout the body. We offer ultrasonic, comprehensive teeth cleanings to maintain your pet’s oral hygiene, as well as dental extractions and oral surgery when necessary.

Cold Laser Therapy for Pets

Is your pet suffering from pain or mobility loss because of an injury that won’t heal or a joint that won’t regenerate? Low-level lasers make it possible to kick-start the growth of new cells, and we use this therapeutic technology to treat degenerative conditions and other sources of inflammation.

Radiology & Ultrasound Imaging

Accurate diagnostics are the first step in any treatment plan. If we suspect a fracture, sprain, tear, obstruction, or anything else that can’t be diagnosed with a test or examination, we may recommend X-rays or ultrasound imaging. We offer both at Valley Green Veterinary Hospital.

Contact Our Local Veterinarian Today

Does your pet need veterinary services near Harrisburg? Call us today at (717) 938-8944 to make an appointment with a veterinarian at our animal hospital in Etters, PA.


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