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Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea & Tick Prevention in Etters, PA

When you bring a dog or cat into your house, you want to provide the health care they need. Flea and tick prevention is part of the care your pet needs for good health. At the Valley Green Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Hartman provides the tick and flea treatment your pets need to stay healthy throughout their life.

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Why Your Pet Needs Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea and tick prevention is part of a healthy lifestyle for your pet. The pests increase the risk of complications with a pet's health. Flea infestations cause allergic reactions and pain. A tick may carry Lyme's Disease or other health risks. By taking measures to prevent the pests from harming your pet, you will avoid the risk of long-term complications.

Flea and Tick Treatment 

The tick and flea treatment options we offer depend on your pet's health. Dr. Hartman evaluates your pet's well-being before recommending a treatment solution. We test your pet for allergies and make sure that your pet is healthy enough for the treatment.

We may suggest a spray treatment to kill fleas and ticks. The treatment uses an alcohol base and kills any fleas in your pet's coat. It is ideal when you think your pet may have fleas or ticks. If your pet has sensitive skin, then we may suggest an alternative treatment. 

An oral medication is a good choice for any dog or cat. In our veterinary clinic, we recommend oral treatments to prevent fleas and ticks. An oral medication impacts your pet's entire body. You do not have a risk of missing a spot, so your pet will not remain vulnerable to the pests. If your pet has a negative reaction to the medication, then we may suggest a spot on treatment.

Spot on treatments are a liquid treatment. You put the liquid on your pet's back each month. It is similar to a spray treatment, but you do not spray your pet's coat. 

Working With Our Veterinarian in Etters

When you are ready to take measures to prevent fleas and ticks from harming your pet in Etters, our veterinary team is ready to help with your goals. We recommend a preventative strategy after identifying your pet's needs. Dr. Hartman takes measures to prevent negative side effects, so we develop a custom strategy for flea and tick prevention.

Contact Us for Flea and Tick Prevention Today

Caring for a dog or cat starts with preventative care. You want to avoid unnecessary risks with your pet's well-being. By preventing flea and tick infestations, you limit the risk of certain conditions. If you want to know more about our flea and tick treatments or if you want to set up an appointment, call (717) 938-8944 today.


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